Mik Mak and the sea adventure

Wry Lemon and Twisted Raspberry. Don’t you think this is an interesting mix of flavours? It confronts the sweetness of raspberries with lemons that make our mouth twist. Can they both be combined to create an unusual flavour? Mik Mak already knows the answer.

Do you like raspberries and lemons? Mik Mak loves them. Just like he loves holidays at the seaside, where he can sunbathe and jump into sunny, sea water when it starts getting too hot. Many of us would certainly call this a paradise, but our Mik Mak had a certain interesting talent. He seemed to attract different interesting things that are not likely to happen to many of us. Today, we want to tell you about one such event. Mik Mak was spending that day on the beach, sunbathing and watching his lovely friends splashing in the water and their younger brothers and sisters who were playing ball, enjoying the holidays. So, Mik Mak was sitting and eating his favourite lemon and raspberry pastilles and wondering what else might happen on that day. Of course, knowing the boy’s talent, something was bound to happen. 



While Mik Mak was listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and enjoying the pleasure of lying in the sun, he suddenly heard one of the children cry. He swallowed another candy and looked around, and then he saw the little brother of one of his friends. The boy was crying because his ball fell into the water and started to float away. His big sister, sitting next to him, was trying to comfort him, but she was unable to retrieve the ball, because she could not swim well, just like the other girls. Someone had to jump to save the ball. Because Mik Mak was sensitive to children’s suffering and liked to show his generosity, he decided to save the day. He put his Mik Maks away and jumped into the water. The waves were big, but not as high as to make swimming impossible. He reached the ball after only two minutes. Water was splashing on his face and hair but he made it! He returned to the beach with the ball, which he then handed over to the child and his sister. This is how Mik Mak proved once more that his life would never be usual. Are you ready for more adventures?



Play with Mik Mak at the festival!

Sunny Lemon and Green Apple. Check out how this unusual mix of summer flavours showed Mik Mak why summer was the best season of the year and why we all always miss holidays so much.

What comes to your mind when you think of summer? Mik Mak certainly thinks about summer holidays and hanging out with friends. Days full of fun, spent at festivals, at the bonfire, with a guitar in his hands and drums under the feet of his friends who are creating a real opera where the words “Let’s meet again next summer” have a real power. Just like every year, by the end of July Mik Mak went to a festival that had been a part of every summer in his home town for many years. As always, he made sure to take enough food with him. In these conditions it was not always easy to get to a grocery store, anyway. In his pocket, he had a pack of Sunny Lemon and Green Apple flavour Mik Maks. Candy that combined two unusual flavours, and became a symbol of holidays.



Mik Mak and his friends had been sitting at the bonfire for hours, singing the most popular scout songs. As we all know, in such atmosphere love is in the air waiting to bloom when least expected. During this festival, one of the girls stole Mik Mak’s heart. She was young; her eyes were the colour of the ocean and her hair fiery red. Once in a while, she also threw a quick glance at him. Unfortunately, neither of them could find the courage to start a conversation… Let me tell you a secret. Do you know what is the most valuable during such open-air festivals? Food! Not everybody who is camping in a tent has access to regular meals. The girl, whom Mik Mak fancied, looked at him and smiled. He also grinned like a Cheshire cat to show that he could smile, too. He offered the girl some candy, and they tasted so good that she ate some more instantly. This was how the conversation started. Mik Mak quickly bonded with the newly met girl. After the festival, the goodbyes were full of hugs and sadness, but they both knew that they would meet again and our Mik Mak found a girlfriend.



Mik Mak in the Sudetes!

Juicy Orange and Mountain Mint. Check how this unusual mixture of summer and winter flavours changed Mik Mak and his mountain snowboarding adventure. Will Mik Mak cope with another challenge?

Some of us don’t like winter, while others love it. So does Mik Mak, our friend, who received his nickname because he loves eating Mik Maks whenever he can. But can we blame him for that? We all love sweets and I am not an exception. Mik Mak decided to spend his winter holidays in the Sudetes, where he wanted to practice snowboarding. He had a really ingenious plan! He was planning to land his first Backside 180 today. Oh yes, this was he challenge that he was planning to do. In his pocket, he had his favourite Mik Maks that combined the Juicy Orange flavour that reminded him of summer, and fresh Mountain Mint. These colourful candy pieces and their great mix always gave him the power to act and the will to take challenges. This is what it was like this time, too. Why Mik Maks of all the sweets? Well, he liked the fact that these sweets are 50% orange-flavoured sugar pastilles, while the other 50% are mint-flavoured. He has never seen such unusual mix anywhere else. Even the popular Tic Tacs could not offer that.



Mik Mak climbed the top of the mountain. The snowy landscape was breath-taking! The conditions for snowboarding and practising were perfect. Many people were skiing or darting by on their skiboards, strewing others over with snow. Perfect – thought Mik Mak and he took his favourite sugar candy out of his pocket. First, he put the Mountain Mint in his mouth. The taste awoke him instantly and made him ready to act. Then, Juicy Orange landed in his mouth. The colour, which some of you probably associate with epic RPG games artefacts brought an image of summer, beach and fun in the water, full of laughter and wet hair, to Mik Mak’s mind. Excited by the candy and the mix that he felt in his mouth, he decided that on that day, after many weeks of practising, he will finally do the trick. But at first, he did not succeed. After two hours of jumping and falling, he felt tired. Standing on top of the mountain, the boy put some more Mik Mak sugar candy in his mouth and decided that he would make it. He gained speed and snow was splatting in front of his snowboard. He leaped high and made a turn. After a few seconds that seemed to last for hours, he felt his feet hit the soft ground. He made it! He landed the most difficult jump! Good job, Mik Mak! We are sure you will do great in the next challenges, too.




Co-packing, то есть упаковка с BMB!

Почему стоит обратить внимание на co-packing?

Людьми, которые решили создать компанию, занимающуюся производством пищевых продуктов (особенно сладостей), следует восхищаться. Это крайне сложная отрасль, требующая как тонкости, так и знания рынка. Тем не менее, многие, особенно небольшие компании, сталкиваются в начале своей деятельности с огромной проблемой, связанной с определенными правилами, управляющими упаковкой пищевых продуктов.

Сладости должны соответственно выглядеть, чтобы привлечь внимание как детей, так и взрослых, а оборудование для специализированной упаковки дорогое (его стоимость часто выходит за бюджет данного предприятия).

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50/50 - рекламная кампания!

Началась рекламная кампания новых Mik Maki!

Продукт доступен в упаковках различного веса и типа упаковки. Дизайн упаковки запатентован по всему миру. Упаковка Double имеет две отдельные секции, которые позволяют упаковать два разных вкуса в одной коробочке.

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