Why is it worth to become interested in co-packing?

People who decide to start a company that manufactures food products (especially sweets) deserve admiration. It is an extremely demanding sector that requires both subtlety and market knowledge.

However, at the beginning of their operations many companies, especially small ones, face a huge problem resulting from certain rules that govern the packaging of food products. Sweets require proper presentation in order to attract the attention of both children and adults, and specialist packaging equipment is expensive (the costs often exceed the budget of the given company).

This is where BMB enters with its food products packaging offer addressed to small and medium enterprises that do not want to waste their resources on purchasing specialist machinery. We can offer both horizontal and vertical packaging.

Vertical packaging:

Food products (e.g. candy) are filled vertically and the machine packs them in packaging ranging from 100g to 1kg. You are only required to protect the goods (ordinary pieces of paper or foil are sufficient) and to make sure that it is dry.

Horizontal packaging: 

Food products, mainly: chocolate bars (without packaging), gingerbread cookies, biscuits, waffles – any single products of the dimensions up to 6 by 30 cm and height up to 7 cm. The products must be dry.

However, this is not everything that we can offer. We also offer shrink-wrap packaging for more demanding customers.

Heat shrinkable (shrink wrap) packaging means packaging collective products, e.g. of the display type (collective packaging) in shrinkable wrap. This fast and extremely efficient packaging method meets all the highest standards.

Before you ask – all products on the manufacturing floor are on plastic pallets compliant with the HACCP certification standards. More information is available here: Certificates. As you can see, we make every effort for our services to meet the highest standards.

We also offer the possibility to personalize packaging (e.g. by labelling). We do it all so that you are satisfied with the services we offer. Check for yourself and find out, how appropriate packaging can influence food products.

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