Fini Mini

Fini Mini

Effervescent powder candy with vitamin C available in 6 flavours !!!

Why is it worth choosing our sweets?

♥ 100% Polish product

effervescent powder candy

 mix of 6 flavours,

 1 piece of candy covers as much as 10% daily demand for vitamin C,

 very strong seal

 60g bag with a modern, colourful design and highest quality print,

 possibility to hang the bag in the shop window,

 available in various types of collective packaging – also gift wrapped.

A solution for shops

We are convinced that our display facilitates opening and it is a beautiful decoration of the shop shelves!

Display – for whom? What for?

♥ wholesalers, supermarkets, gas stations and grocery stores,

♥ opens fast,

♥ high quality cardboard prevents damage to candy bags,

♥ attractive design on shop shelves!

Fini Mini as a gift

Specially designed packaging will make everybody smile! :)

“Box” type packaging

♥ tasteful gift packaging,

♥ protection against accidental opening,

♥ attractive price,

♥ reliable product,

♥ Weight: 350g,

♥ hard bottom of packaging.

“Flower” type packaging

♥ tasteful gift packaging,

♥ tied with a ribbon,

♥ attractive price,

♥ reliable product,

♥ Weight: 250g,

♥ glued bottom of packaging.

Welcome candy

The large package is perfectly suited for reception desks and conference rooms, to offer your guests a sweet snack.

Advantages of 500g and 1 kg packaging

♥ perfect solution for reception desks as “welcome candy”,

♥ attractive price,

♥ strong sealed seam on both sides,

♥ the bag is made from high quality foil to prevent accidental tears.

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